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Stunning Clara

About me

  City of London, United Kingdom
  AdultWork rating: 181

Gender Female
Orientation Bi-sexual
Age 33
Ethnicity Mixed
Dress Size 8
Height 5'7"
Chest Size 34" DD Natural
Hair Colour Black Long
Eye Colour Brown
Pubic Hair Shaved Mostly



** New dates will be published as soon as I will be available again: in the meantime, if you wish to be in the loop, please send me a message with your mobile number so you will be notified with priority through AW mail (mobile number is just for reference purposes and I will only contact you through it upon request).

Since I am overseas at the moment, please bear with me as I might take a bit long to reply you. Thank you for your understanding in advance and, in the meantime, please stay well and safe. **

My profile is best viewed on a laptop or tablet and it has been created to cover all the possible questions you may have prior to get in touch with me. Please read it considerately and thank you for taking the time to do so

Hello gorgeous person, thank you for stopping by and welcome to my world. Are you a very special discerning gentleman / lady who loves a real VIP treatment, still you are having a hard time trying to find the special one who is the real full package, including brains (I proudly have a college degree and I am on my way to the second one), true elegance, perfect presentation and proper English? Look no further as I am here with an incredible beauty, a killer body, absolute class, flawless manners, literacy and, of course, perfect sex... Please take a good look at my profile, check out my rating and field reports, and see why I stand out from the crowd.

❤️❤️"Clara defines the word perfection." - LaughingLad@

❤️❤️"Wow. A wonderful, unforgettable experience with a truly beautiful woman. Thank you!" - Harryneon

❤️❤️ INTRO ❤️❤️

"To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the strength of life, of life itself, and to be present in all that one does (...)" - James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

Welcome, beautiful person!

My name is Clara, a smoldering model with striking onyx doll eyes, a real fit body (real fitness, not skinny nor bulked up, as I regularly workout) and I am back in the UK for more fun with you!

Completely natural (that means zero scarred boobs, zero stretch marks, etc) and elegant (I am 5'7" when not wearing high heels), I have spectacular 34DD perky boobs with lovely brown hard nipples, silky smooth hair (no extensions) and a beautiful and velvety skin, so don't worry... I will feel every inch of you and you will feel the same with me.

I am exceptionally friendly, warm, approachable and will enchant you with my smile and perfect manners. Just be genuinely nice to me and I will reward you deeply for that.

As an experienced international companion, I completely understand how tense it might be for you when meeting me for the very first time and I always make sure to be corteous, compassionate and empathetic towards you and your needs. The meeting with me is all about magic, connection, mutual respect and pleasure in all levels: that zest that you are missing badly in your life and have been looking for a long time.... The spark that perhaps you never truly felt (until now).

Maybe you would love to just lay back, enjoy a no rush session and have a delightful body massage where it's not just my hands I rub you down with: I love to slide my body over you making it a sensual full body experience.

My body and mind are built for a genuine and intense experience in and out of the bedroom: I am the perfect addi(c)tion to the discerning gentleman and lady who have absolute high standards and look for the best in life. I offer you an up close, personal and extremely exciting girlfriend experience and yes: I am a passionate and extremely luscious girl in the bedroom and a highly intelligent, refined and classy Lady who will give you a deeply sensual time and of course hygiene and total discretion are both expected and assured at all times. I praise my high standards and you will always meet me right after a shower, with meticulous make-up and styled hair, mouthwashed, totally sober, well-rested, happy and smiling.

In addition to all of the above, I also offer you a great OWO, a deliciously amazing deep French kissing with the softest lips you can ever have and so on... The sky is the limit and every minute spent with me will be like in a rollercoster where I will ride you like there is no tomorrow! You will experience a deep sensual time with me, I can guarantee that.

Based in an absolutely discreet and premium location in London, I introduce you to a full sensorial and sexual experience: from the sweet smell of my scented candles and essential oils to the absolute privacy and comfort of my premises, clean linen, fresh and fluffy towels and the possibility to refresh yourself before/after our rendez-vous and also the teasing and sensuality of my perfect and deliciously soft skin and touch, the meeting with me is all about perfection in every single detail.

I know what I want, I know what YOU want and I know I AM what you are looking for.

And the most important is I KNOW HOW...

Please check my FAQ below also containing all the information about what is included in my fees and a couple of extras only (and please pay attention to what I really offer, as the list of things I enjoy are just that... Things that I enjoy, not what I offer (the latter is very well covered on my FAQ's). I promise you will love to meet me. Come and let me be your best girlfriend and blow your mind in the meantime.

BONUS (LANGUAGE) POINTS: I speak fluent English (I mean, really, really fluent), Spanish and, obviously, Portuguese.



Up-to-date gorgeous, sexy and completely natural pictures (meaning no clueless Photoshop nor any Snapchat filters) are always available in my gallery (please check them so you can see how I am on a daily basis - all pictures are natural and unretouched). Also please check my Bio and interview sections for more personal details about myself.


This profile and its material is © of Stunning Clara. All rights reserved. Any copy, redistribution, reproduction in part or all contents in any form is prohibited. You may not redistribute any of my content, nor may you store it or transmit it in any other website/domain or any other form of electronic retrieval system.


Availability to be updated once I am back. Please follow me for updates or send me a message with your contact information and mobile number (for reference only) requesting to be part of my mailing list.

This profile and its material is © of Stunning Clara. All rights reserved. Any copy, redistribution, reproduction in part or all contents in any form is prohibited. You may not redistribute any of my content, nor may you store it or transmit it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

Fancy something different than my upscale and delicious GFE? Why not trying any of these or, even better, all if you can?

❤️❤️ Lunch and Dinner Dates ❤️❤️

Because I am tailored to every special moment...

As a social butterfly with a bubbly and captivating personality, as well as a beautiful IQ to match, I simply love to mingle and I am the ideal company for any sort of social gathering or event you may think of. I will also love to get to know you better over a cup of tea / coffee or nice drinks and meals so please get in touch and I will be more than happy to be your companion anytime soon.

For both of us to enjoy this experience to its maximum, it is recommended at least a 3 hour booking. I truly like to provide the perfect experience, hence my emphasis on communication and preparation: I want you to feel absolutely comfortable and safe with me on the same level that I want to feel absolutely comfortable and safe with you, so please call me for the arrangements. :)

If we have not met in person yet, then the bookings on this modality work on the same way as for my outcalls: the request needs to be made at least 24hs in advance and secured with a bank transfer of 50% of the total meeting fee, with the remaining fee to be handled as soon as we meet.

❤️❤️ Lesbian Dates ❤️❤️

"Her tongue darted between my lips, smooth and soft, her breath warm breathing me in as our breasts pushed against one another as our breathing got harder and faster..." - "The Two Of Us"

Nothing turns me on more than the beautiful sight of a woman ready to give herself to me… Starting with the exciting feeling of her soft skin against mine, going through the wet, warm and ultra sensual kisses to the delicious feeling of her clit growing softly in between my licks and light suction, I simply love being with women: either you are single, married (but secretly fancing a steamy hot time with a beautiful and experienced woman who loves women), lesbian, bi, in or out of the closet, etc, your privacy and discretion are always guaranteed and safe with me and our meetings are always an explosion of desire and sensuality.

This is a solo experience so it will be you and I only. I am genuinely bisexual and offer this because I truly love to connect with other women and for also growing tired of seeing fake lesbians and bisexuals in the escorting world (nothing is more off-putting than seeing two women performing with zero to very little connection and real desire for each other). I fully focus on giving exclusive attention to you and your needs so this is the perfect time to unleash your female desires and fantasies on an one-on-one level with me.

Please do not be shy (I will really love to speak to you ) and get in touch with me so we can discuss your wishes, possible concerns (I am a very friendly, empathetic, understanding and extremely communicative person and will always make you feel at ease), what your expectations are, our ideal date per se, etc… I will love to hear from you and have you here with me for hours of pleasure. And if you are still unsure about full-on sex, I can always relax you over a couple of drinks, a good conversation, a light girl playdate, some full body massage filled with aromatic oils and candles all around or anything else that floats our boats. :) I cannot wait to have you with me very soon.

This profile and its material is © of Stunning Clara. All rights reserved. Any copy, redistribution, reproduction in part or all contents in any form is prohibited. You may not redistribute any of my content, nor may you store it or transmit it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

Oh yes, my lovely soul… You reached the most fearfully prolific part of my profile and, I gotta say, probably the most important too. Please sit back, grab a cuppa and take your time reading me: it is worth every minute and you will find out why once we meet too.


✅✅ PLEASE DO… ✅✅


Always give me a call if it is the first time you are getting in touch with me (and if I do not answer, please drop a message with clear information with your name, the date and time you wish to meet and I will reply as soon as possible).

Avoid dragging on scheduling a meeting or engaging on “Ping-Pong messages”, as well as asking questions that are already informed on my profile. I do value and truly appreciate someone who already read my profile and communicates properly about his wishes, also taking mine into consideration. These measures help in filtering fake requests, etc, and spare considerable time for both of us. In case we already know each other from previous bookings, then you are more than welcome to just text me right away.

About cancelations / delays/ No-show: Please always communicate about cancelations (at least with 2 to 3 hours of notice) or delays, as failing to do so will simply kill our chances to meet again in the future (and if you insist on booking again, then a deposit in advance will be required).

In case of a communicated unexpected delay, a tolerance between 5 to 10 minutes may be allowed for meetings of 1 hour of duration or more, depending on my schedule, and 5 minutes of compensation may be given (not a promise, though, again, it will depend on my schedule). Any delays longer than 10 minutes, the meeting is automatically canceled and the number blocked, as the contact will be considered a timewaster. The latter also applies to no-show, so please be extra considerate when it comes to our booking;


Empathy and consideration also are key elements in our interaction and if you are really cool with me you will see me retributing your good acts 100 times more, believe me. You do not have to bring me any gifts (I must confess I am picky with certain things as I do not care about chocolates, alcoholic drinks *I keep my diet under control so I have zero to little needs for these*, etc), just please bring your best attitude, your beautiful smile and I will give you a big welcome hug and kiss just as a starter to break the ice;


The first thing you will see once you meet me is how enthusiastic and hospitable I am: I will greet you affectionately and ask about your day so far, etc (I am your VIP girlfriend during our agreed time, remember?). Please avoid seeing my friendly and upbeat nature as a cue to postpone or “forget” about the fee, as I will truly relax only after you handle it to me and I politely count in front of you in order to avoid possible mistakes from both sides (that can happen sometimes and it is completely understandable, hence the fee check before our meeting starts).

Take the first minutes once we lay eyes on each other to properly and politely handle me the fee without the need of myself politely reminding you of it, please. In case you wish to extend our time together the deal is the same: please handle the additional fee to me prior to the extension starting point so we can just relax and keep enjoying ourselves completely (no bank transfers allowed for that, please).

It is strongly recommended that you bring a proper extra amount of cash to cover for an extension or an extra activity decided on the spot. It often happens with me to have a friend changing his or her mind and opting for a 2 hour meeting or longer instead of just 1 hour (yes, my skills and charm are truly amazing) and I honestly love longer bookings if we both connect perfectly, as we have a real chance to get to know each other better.

P.S.: Only cash is accepted for extensions in person. Bank transfer is reserved only for bookings in advance and I do not work with Paypal nor credit card, etc.


I never cease to emphasize this: I am spotless clean and always smelling great… Please do the same in return and I will appreciate you even more. *I always offer shower with toiletries and mouthwash once you arrive so if you refuse it and you are dirty / not smelling good, I will politely request you to leave and will keep 50% of the total fee as compensation for the booked slot in vain*.



Please stick to the days and times in which I state I am available and avoid calling me off-hours. Text messages are fine as long as it is for a proper booking in advance, stating your name, date and time for our meeting with enough window for me to reply you back and confirm it once I can. Any message that is not straight to the point for a booking with its details (such as “Hey”, "How much?", "Postcode, please",“Can you handle me as I am big?”, etc) is ignored. I do not entertain any sort of chit-chat over the phone or messages (unless some honest booking-related doubt) and will block anyone who insists on doing so;


I do have good measures to protect myself against such behaviors and any slight display of any of these will result in: 1- Cancellation of the booking in case we have not met yet, with no further contact whatsoever and zero chance for future bookings; 2- In case we are already on a meeting, immediate termination of it with no refund if I feel it is unsafe to proceed with it.

Unfortunately some stupid individuals get confused with me being genuinely nice and incorrectly assume that I accept poor atittude or any hint of it. I have extremely zero tolerance to arrogance, rudeness and any other form of nasty behavior and I will not hesitate in using my competent and effective resources to curb those. All messages and calls are thoroughly screened in order to prevent further issues and protect my integrity and safety so please think well and carefully before trying to disrupt my peace;


Regardless of the duration of the meeting with me, please refrain from making additional requests in the last 15, 10 minutes before our meeting finishes, unless you wish to leave in a rush, without a proper shower, etc. I have a few unpleasant experiences with men clock watching and requesting things in the very last minutes. I am far from being a clockwatcher and I do not cater such things last minute… What I do offer is a relaxed and sexy Girlfriend Experience and the last thing I want to do is to rush someone out of my premises because this person is starting to disrupt someone else's schedule (and mine) trying to gain extra time for free.

Please keep in mind that these 10, 15 last minutes are for you to shower, dress yourself and prepare to leave without any rush. If you wish to stay longer, please pay the extra corresponding fee and I will be more than happy to accommodate and have more time with you if time allows us;


My fees reflect the level of experience I offer and, if in doubt, please always refer to my ratings and field reports available. I take great pride in being highly skilled as a person, companion and courtesan and obviously all this reflects on my presentation, how I carry myself here and in person, etc. As several of my colleagues state in their profiles, “You get what you pay for” and I am no exception to that. I do prioritize quality over quantity and I always wish to meet individuals who also share this same philosophy with me.


Are you really independent?

I am not affiliated with any agency and I am fully legal to live and work everywhere I am located, having extreme pleasure for being an experienced and international courtesan. You will always meet me in a very high end, discreet, spacious and private apartment or hotel, fully equipped, secured and always away from prying eyes. Still, I am fully guarded and prepared for any unexpected and possibly dangerous situation, so if anyone shows up intoxicated, becomes verbally and/or physically abusive or acts in any other sort of suspicious and threatening behavior, will be handled accordingly, with subsequent legal actions.

It is very important to mention that I do handle all the contacts and bookings and I do not share my premises with anyone else, even less with another Escorts. I absolutely value our privacy, safety and discretion always.

So what is your real name / age / profession, etc? Are you single / married?

Well, today I am Clara, tomorrow I can be Renata and the day after I can be Camila, Fernanda, etc… If you are a bit acquainted with the occult, just like Legion, I have many names and different personas. Simply enjoy the one you will be introduced to once we meet (no worries as the beautiful face and body that you see in the pictures always remain the same) and please refrain from exorcising me, as it takes a bit of time to be summoned back and the whole process would spoil our (un)holy meeting.

What outfits do you have? / What are you wearing?

If by "outfit" you mean costumes, then none. As I already have mentioned before, I love spontaneity and having someone telling/asking me what or not to wear or do goes totally against it and it kills my good mood. Also I have my own style and that reflects on sexy dresses, sultry robes and beautiful lingerie in the bedroom... All paired up with gorgeous horns high heels. I am always amazingly perfumed, with perfectly nourished skin, manicured and wearing my signature red cap and trident nail polish with my hooves pedicure so this is what you will see in person and I am very proud of that.

How many times can I "cum" in one hour?

Oh damned mortal… What sort of question is this? *Grabs the trident tightly while clacking the hooves on the ground*

Simply put, if you are more concerned in fucking like a rabbit for as many orgasms as you can get, I suggest you to get a sex doll / fleshlight for that, as I offer a spontaneous, relaxed and no rush session, with emphasis on high quality, not quantity. I truly loathe being in a hurry or, in the last 10-15 minutes of session, being asked for a second round when the time is very limited (unless you are 200% sure that you can cum for a second time in 5 minutes or less, for instance) so if you wish to do that, please make sure to book more than 1 hour so we can get the best of our meeting.

To sum everything up, for 30 minutes you get to cum once and for 1h+ bookings you will get to cum as many times as you want (again, not in the last minutes or in a pushy or desperate way like a horny hamster). All I ask from you on this matter is please not to push things for more, not even for a handjob, if you are not 200% sure about orgasming multiple times without putting a massive effort and making me tired or bored... I am not a machine (duh!) and I absolutely loathe inconvenient and pushy behavior.

Do you French kiss / perform OWO on everyone?

Definitely not, so if you have bad breath, an ashtray taste, you do not possess a proper dental care and hygiene and you do have lesions/rashes/cold sores on your mouth, lips and around it, please do not expect me to DFK (I am always with a fresh minty breath and beautiful pearly whites so please make sure to be on the same level as well, as it is quite off putting to deal with the opposite - I also have mouthwash available for you so please make a good use of it too).

The same goes for OWO and ball sucking: please make sure to be spotless clean everywhere (especially including balls, groin, underarms and under your foreskin, as some people tend to "forget" about these areas), free of skin lesions (such as warts or any “warty-like” bump, cuts, wounds, rashes and, again, sores), trimmed or shaved, absolutely fresh and with a pleasant smell so I can make you my playground for hours (as I love to suck and lick you till you cannot hold it any longer). Otherwise, please do not expect me to suck you without a condom as hygiene and good health are obviously a must for me.

Also if a proper shower (with equally proper and thorough cleaning with soap) is not taken right after your arrival to my premises, I reserve the right to perform oral with condom only. That also goes for gentlemen who tend to drip pre cum in excess already during the foreplay and oral activities: if you are prone to it, please always inform before we start our meeting so I can provide you with an extra thin condom.

As much as it sounds obvious to highlight what is common sense to many, you would be surprised with the amount of individuals who ignore these, so it is always best to prevent misunderstandings and embarrassment in advance.

What is INCLUDED in our meeting?

* Full GFE;

* DFK (provided that you follow the criteria above);

* CIM (now included in meetings of 90 minutes and longer, also included in overnights and outcalls);

* Full body massage (if time permits);

* OWO (I will be more than happy to do it, as long as the above criteria is followed, so please make sure to go through it);

* Balls sucking (as long as they are clean, shaved or extremely trimmed and free of any cuts, bumps/lumps or bruises);

* Prostate massage (upon request and your thoroughly preparation, obviously *Please prepare yourself with an enema prior to our meeting*);

* Deepthroat;

* Watersports (giving): Please let me know in advance about this request so I can prepare myself accordingly for it as well prior to our meeting;

* An amazing fun time with a truly beautiful, well-mannered, spontaneous and educated lady... And you will find out many more attributes once we meet in person, I can guarantee it. ;)

What are the things you absolutely DO NOT DO / DO NOT LIKE?

- Hardsports;
- Face fucking;
- Domination / Sub / Humiliation;
- Facials;
- Fisting;
- Gagging;
- Spitting;
- Tickling;
- Rough sex / Rough handling;
- PSE (Porn Star Experience): I am an authentic, sweet and sexy as hell GFE, really;
- Lift and carry fetish;
- Wrestling (yes I am fit and lean, but not a bodybuilder nor an MMA fighter);
- Bareback (please, please, please... Do not even consider this);
- Videos and photos;
- Roleplay;
- Outfits / Costumes;
- 15 minute dates (Quickies);
- Car meetings / Sauna or bath houses / Swingers clubs.

Clara, I am sold and I truly want to meet you soon. How long would you recommend us to meet for the first time?

It is absolutely up to you but if you are not sure of how long do you want to stay with me yet, the best amount, in my opinion, ranges from 1 to 2 hours of duration for a first time meeting (please remember I do praise a no rush session and 1 to 2 hours is a good time to show some of my most coveted skills and to get to know a bit about you and your needs). I avoid scheduling 3 hour meetings or longer for a first time, since it is always best to assess our compatibility first.

If you are an exception to the rule and only feel comfortable with bookings longer than 2 hours already in our first time, then the same outcall booking system applies: 50% of the total related fee for 3 hours or longer needs to be transferred in advance, 24 hours prior to our booking, in order for our meeting to be secured in first place. All this is to prevent timewasters and fraudsters first and foremost.

Are you available for outcalls?

Yes I do, however, as safety is always first for me, they are absolutely under discretion and I do so under the circumstances below:

1- For very selected clients (aka: very trusted and screened regulars);

2- If you are contacting me for the first time:

a) Please give me a call with at least 72 hours in advance from your desired date and time, so we can briefly chat about your wishes. All outcalls are for a minimum of 2 hours (overnights are 12 hours tops, with dinner and sleep time included);

b) Once we agree upon a meeting, provided that it is held in a 4 or 5 star hotel, as well as confirmation by myself of your proper information for screening (please always keep in mind that your personal information is always treated with utmost privacy, respect and confidentiality, as I am requested for meetings with prominent and VIP/VVIP individuals on a frequent basis), a bank transfer of 50% of my total outcall fee will be required in order to attest the legitimacy of your booking and to secure it. Once everything is properly processed, I will quickly get back to you also confirming the receipt and I will be more than happy to meet you at your venue at the agreed date and time and receive the remaining fee amount on arrival.

Just like my incalls, I do like to prepare myself accordingly for my outcalls as well (I will always arrive in an elegant and discreet outfit along with my usual impeccable manners), hence the booking and some percentage of the fee transferred in advance.

What do you like in bed?

For starters, I love being spontaneous, natural and to truly go with the flow. So if you also enjoy this, we will certainly click right on the spot and the more we get to see and know each other, the better will be as we will also get more acquainted and open to a deeper connection, experiences and ideas.

As for a bit more of details in bed, I am a huge fan of a great mutual oral sex + an extremely sensual DFK with lots of tongue playing in between. Wanna make me really wet? Do this combo and see the results after (my apologies in advance for all the wetness you may cause me)...

What you DO NOT like?

Following the above, as the spontaneous and free-spirited Aquarius girl that I am, I absolutely dislike to be given orders, even less if we are meeting for the first time or we just met very little so far, so things like:

- "I want you to remove your perfume or make-up to meet me / Dress yourself like 'this or that' / Wear this (insert color here) nail polish or lipstick" or any sort of "request" that goes against my nature and style, or that I am simply not in the mood to fulfill, please look for someone else, as I will not entertain such things. Please be mindful that I am always open for questions or some suitable request PRIOR to our encounter (to which I will be extremely honest in saying "yes" or "no" to it right away), but that is it. If you are into very specific things to which I already made clear not to cater, please spare our time;

Also please be mindful of inconvenient and personal questions so keep it trivial and simple when it comes to me. My time is for you so you are more than welcome to talk about yourself, your desires, about you past, present, future, etc, and we go from there.

For more sex specifics, please keep in mind the below:

- No fingering (however you're always welcome to softly finger play with my clit, lick and suck it nonstop, as I absolutely love it and will cum hard in your mouth as a reward);

- No spitting (or using your saliva to lubricate me or rub my clit - you will see I definitely do not need it);

- No sloppy kisses;

- No hair pulls;

- No bites, pinches or strong squeezes/grabs nor slaps on me (if it is a light one on my bum is alright though)... Also anything that leaves me with marks/bruises after is out of question, please.

I am definitely not a sub, nor a pet project on that, so please, for our mutual safety, avoid by any means getting rough or carried away. Always keep your cool with me, otherwise you will be treated as a threat to my safety.

Would you like me to bring you any gifts?

The only things I expect from you, apart of my agreed fee, obviously, are impeccable manners and a beautiful smile to top it up. If you still fancy gifting me something to put a megawatt smile on my face, just kindly please read my interview as I give some tips there (you can never go wrong if you give me an Amazon, Lush or any bookshop or spa gift cards, so...). Alternatively, tips are always more than welcome (as I am saving to finance my studies as well) or AW credit vouchers. The link for the latter is located on the bottom right of my profile and all you have to do is ask for my e-mail address in person so you can send me your lovely gift.

The only things I DO NOT really care about are:

- Chocolates and any other sweet treat;

- Alcoholic beverages (wine, ciders, champagne, spirits, etc.): I do not care about these at all, believe me, as I am more of a cocktail woman. Instead you can bring me a bottle of a delicious and fresh cold pressed juice, CPress (I swear they do not sponsor me, though I wish they did *LOL*) or Joe & The Juice style *especially citrusy and zesty, containing lemons, oranges and/or ginger*, or a bottle of smoothie (I love berries, banana, greens and all the superfoods and supplements you can think of on them);

- Flowers (on that you can ask me first: if I am in a hotel room, it is a bit difficult to keep them properly, also I am quite particular with certain types).

And last but not least...

Clara, can I write a feedback/review about you on “X, Y or Z” external forum???

To be truly honest, I have no clue about any other site that allows feedbacks about us, AW aside, let alone forums promoting anonymous reviews also about us. I prefer to remain clueless about them (yes, only in this case ignorance is a bliss) and I strongly discourage anyone to write or publish any comment or review in such pages, given the shady and doubtful reputation of these forums in this industry. Unlike other ladies, who probably thrive on fake or exagerated reviews pre-arranged with men who participate in such forums, etc, I have zero participation and strongly discourage any activity in said sites.

So pretty please, if you wish to write a stellar feedback to me (and once we meet you will certainly have at least dozens of reasons to do so), you are more than welcome and free to post a positive one using the AW online booking system and I will be more than happy to do the same in return. And while truly inspired, please consider writing a beautiful field report so I can proudly and gratefully display it on my always flourishing section.

This profile and its material is © of Stunning Clara. All rights reserved. Any copy, redistribution, reproduction in part or all contents in any form is prohibited. You may not redistribute any of my content, nor may you store it or transmit it in any other website/domain or any other form of electronic retrieval system.

? 100% real: What you see is what you get: just like in the pictures (actually, even better in person, according to everyone who already met me ), I am really in shape, very well groomed from top to bottom and always really neat, clean and trimmed in all possible ways;

? A real no rush meeting: Beware of people who claim to offer a "no rush service", but, at the same time, offer 15 minute meetings, for instance... Unless they found the key to bend and manipulate time, indeed things will be quite rushed. I refuse to offer such meetings or anything similar to "blow and go" and, even on my 30 minute ones, you will always be encouraged to shower before and after, have some refreshment, etc, not to mention that I also prefer bookings of at least 60 minutes duration so we can get better acquainted;

? High Class presentation: I am especially catered for people with high standards and a desire for the best and my fees are a reflection of such high level. I am highly polite and educated so we can certainly have lots of fun in the bedroom, as well as during a dinner date or VIP event, as I am very used to both sides of the coin;

? Thoughtful, friendly, genuine and caring: From the moment I answer your call to the moment we finish our meeting, I will always treat you with the utmost respect, attention and joy (yes, I like what I do and I like even more the people I get the pleasure to meet on a daily basis in the meantime). I do genuinely care about your attention and needs and will turn our erotic experience into a moment filled with warmth and fun;

? Attention to details: I always make sure to make you feel at ease, comfortable and well catered while with me: from really clean towels and bedsheets to filled shower gels and a refreshing glass of water (sometimes I even offer you a cup of coffee, fruits or sweets if I have available!), good hospitality is also my philosophy;

? Privacy and confidentiality: Mobile and any other source of pictures and videos are strictly prohibited both ways and everything that happens and is discussed over the phone or in my premises stays between us only. As for means of contact, unsolicited communication is completely out of question with me so you can rest assured not to be bothered by unexpected calls nor messages;

? Zero judgement: Have a super kinky fantasy and you wish to fulfill it? Maybe you feel like just venting out about that lousy day at work after a mindblowing orgasm with me? Be sure that I am an amazing listener and will love to hear what you want to say without judgements, prejudice nor inquisitive questions (unless you wish to have a great dialogue and want me to ask you things, as I am pretty good on it too );

? Zero prejudice: "Clara, do you see *insert skin color or nationality here*?" Yes, I absolutely do! ! I truly do not care about skin color or ethnicities and what I do care about are good hearts and good souls;

? 100% professional: I will do my best to adjust my schedule to your needs (just please be mindful that the more notice you can give for your booking, the better, as I get many booking requests daily... Many times I am not able to accommodate last minute requests);

? A couple of extras only: CIM and rimming (giving) are available on extra 60£ each. Anal always under discretion and for an extra fee of 120£. No bareback, please! *And anyone who considers and proposes this is instantly blocked: if you do not care about your health it is a shame... I absolutely do care about mine (I am periodically tested and 1000% clean). Period.*

This profile and its material is © of Stunning Clara. All rights reserved. Any copy, redistribution, reproduction in part or all contents in any form is prohibited. You may not redistribute any of my content, nor may you store it or transmit it in any other website/domain or any other form of electronic retrieval system.




What is your starsign? Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18
What is your Primary Language? Portuguese
What is your Secondary Language? English and Spanish (both fluent)
If other, please specify: Pansexual
What is your favourite colour? Ultramarine, golden, red and white.
Who is your favourite celebrity? Gary Oldman (I dream about this man in my bed!)
What is your best feature? Eyes
What three words best describe your personality? Kind, loving and empathetic
What is your favourite food? Any flavorful and well prepared plant-based dish
What is your favourite drink? Dirty Vodka Martini
What is your favourite film? Bram Stocker's Dracula
What is your favourite TV programme? Very rarely I watch TV
What are your favourite flowers? Pink and red roses, orchids
What is your favourite perfume? Black Opium (YSL) and Angel (Thierry Mugler).
What is your favourite gift? Crystals, Lush gift cards and scented candles. :)
What is your favourite holiday destination? South of Spain, The Caribbean and Seychelles
What is your ethnicity? Mixed
What is the colour of your eyes? Brown
What is the colour of your hair? Black
What length is your hair? Long
How would you describe your body type? Athletic
How tall are you? 5'7"
How much do you weigh? 8st
What is your shoe size? 5.5
What is your dress size? 8
What size is your chest? 34"
What is your bra cup-size? DD
How would you describe the size of your breasts? Medium
Are your breasts natural or enhanced? Natural
How is your pubic hair fashioned? Shaved Mostly
Do you smoke? No
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Tattoos
If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they Very Discrete
Do you have any birth-marks or scars? If so, size and location? No.
What times are you always available? From 9am till 9pm (always when green light is on).
Will you do overnight bookings? Depends
List of Towns/Areas you will visit Any, as long as we previously arrange it and also with a trusted and reliable regular.
How long are you prepared to travel for? 2½+
Nearest rail station? St. Paul's
What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public? Getting caught while having sex in a car... Still the spontaneity and the thrill of being watched/caught were so exciting that it was worth it. ;)
What sort of men turn you on? Someone who is mostly an introvert socially but assertive and confident in his personal and sexual life (and a great and sensual kisser is always a major turn on to me)... A good balance of a strong and protective man with generosity, kindness and empathy. Also someone who shows affection and interest without being clingy or needy (I am Aquarius so we loathe someone who is clingy but also despise someone who wants to play games and show distance).
What sort of women turn you on? Feminine, sensual, extremely sexy and beautiful and who knows how to perform an amazing oral sex as I will give her the best of my tongue skills as well (getting wet only by thinking of it now).
What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had? I had too many good ones... It's quite impossible to narrow this down to just one, really.
What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!) Nothing is outrageous provided that is consensual and pleasant for both sides. ;)
Where would you most like to have sex? In a cozy cabin/cottage in the woods, in the middle of nowhere, by the fireplace, with all the time in the world for both of us to lose ourselves to each other (yeah, I can be quite romantic ;D).
What is your favourite sexual position? Believe it or not, missionary (vanilla alert!)
What is your second favourite sexual position? Sideways
What is your biggest turn on? A super sexy and sensual kiss, from someone who really turns me on... It makes me utterly wet, followed by an amazing oral sex (focus on the clit and preferably no fingering, please).
The most sensitive part of my anatomy is? My clit, nipples and back of my neck.
Describe the experience (when and where) TMI now. LOL
What is your favourite sexual fantasy? Having sex in public spots... I always love that feeling of getting caught right in the act.
How often do you masturbate? Almost daily.
What sexual activity do you enjoy the most? An amazing oral sex always drives me insane.
When is your libido at its highest? With a sexy and great partner, anytime. ;)


French Kissing
FFM 3Somes
Oral without Protection
Deep Throat
Rimming (giving)
Rimming (receiving)
Spanking (giving)
CIM (at discretion)
"A" Levels (at discretion)
Oral without (at discretion)
French Kissing (discretion)
Receiving Oral
Strap On
Prostate Massage
Foot Worship
Pole Dancing
Female Ejaculation
Face Sitting
Sauna / Bath Houses
Tie & Tease
Anal Play
Penetration (Protected)
Travel Companion
Dinner Dates
Sybian & Machine Sex
Disabled Clients
Hand Relief


In Calls

½ Hour 150
1 Hour 200
1½ Hours 320
2 Hours 380
3 Hours 580
4 Hours 780
Overnight 2000

Out Calls

2 Hours 600
3 Hours 900
4 Hours 1200
Overnight 2200

The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).


Can I call you with short notice? Are you available now?

Before calling, please be mindful that I need a bit of reasonable notice (between 30 to 45 minutes) in order to accommodate you properly and to be truly fresh for you as well (for outcalls a minimum of two (2) days in advance is necessary). I run from the "conveyor belt" style and that means I do not take all the calls with any notice given, trying to squeeze in all the meetings one after the other in order to get the maximum amount of people in just one day. I truly care about quality, not quantity, and I am far from being desperate to have as many people as I can daily in order to fill my profile with hundreds of feedbacks in a short period of time, for the sake of popularity. In order to avoid frustration, it is recommended to plan a bit ahead and book meetings in advance, although nothing is set in stone and I can try to accommodate whenever possible.

I am disabled, do you see me?

Always please communicate first about your disability as I need to assess if I am able to attend you properly. At the moment I am not able to meet individuals using wheelchairs or crutches due to accessibility limitations (a few flights of stairs and a super small elevator where I currently am).

Can you do bareback (with or without "certs")?

To be very clear, anyone who gets in touch asking this will be considered a high risk individual and will be instantly blocked. If you dare making this request in person (or attempting rubbing genitals whilst uncovered or doing any suspicious move trying to penetrate me bareback), you will be immediately ordered to leave my premises ASAP with no fee refund.

Clara, can you wear for me X, Y, Z lingerie / shoes / make up, etc?

Sorry, but no (and the reasons for that are already explained further in my "Etiquette + Further FAQ's" tab and they have everything to do with the keyword "Spontaneity"). For sure you will not find me wearing flip-flops or flats, bathrobe and bedhead hair with no make-up once we meet, so grooming requests not only are unnecessary but also sound rude. If you have any sort of fetish or are into very specific stuff, there are plenty of other girls who can grant you that. These are not my specialties and getting any of these requests (especially when we have zero to little rapport) is quite annoying to me.

Do you accept bank transfer / PayPal / credit card / etc.?

INCALLS --> I only accept cash and bank transfers are accepted only from trusted and verified regulars, with proper time in advance, at least 4 hours prior to the meeting. OUTCALLS --> A bank transfer deposit is required for bookings to be secured and please check the "Etiquette and Further FAQ" tab for the complete information.

Do you do roleplaying?

I am afraid I am not a good actress so my answer is "nope" (the only roleplaying I do is a good session of RPG *geeks will understand it* and that is usually outside the bedroom LOL).

Do you see couples?

Yes, and please take a look at the field report from 26/01/2019 so you can have a bit of idea of how delicious it is to me. I do see Male + Female or Female + Female couples, as long as I can speak to both parts during the booking arrangements, in order to guarantee a seamless and definitely pleasant experience equally for both sides. The minimum booking duration is 2 hours on this modality. The fees will be applied per person, also for outcalls. P.S.: I do not provide other Escorts nor work with any for duos. I only wish to meet legitimate couples or, at least, real friends for this.

Any extras?

It is extremely important to me to clarify: unlike other profiles, I do not mislead stating that everything is included and end up giving an "average Jane" experience. Also, everyone who already met me knows quite well that what I offer goes way beyond a mere GFE... Many offer GFE, very few excel on it and I am proud to say I am one of the latter. Please be aware that I only put three things aside as extras, given some past unpleasant experiences, and only the following are extra charged. For everything else (that is definitely included), please read my "Etiquette + Further FAQ's" tab: * Rimming for £60; * CIM for £60 (applied only in case of 30 or 60 minutes meetings. For 90 minutes and longer ones, including outcalls and overnights, CIM is included); * Anal for £100. I genuinely enjoy all of the above, however I am far from wishing to perform them with everybody. Nor I will promise them to everyone just to get more popularity, etc. Those fees reflect not only the type of individuals I wish to meet to enjoy these with, as well as the high quality and difference I always provide. As for the case of anal itself, it also requires a thoroughly proper preparation a couple of hours in advance (I am not an amateur who will provide you a sloppy and/or dirty anal). All the quality and preparation also reflects on my fees, since they take time from other meetings and personal appointments, and, again, I do not wish to offer this to everyone for obvious reasons.

Is that really you on the pictures?

By this time I believe no one should keep asking this question any longer but still I get this every once in a while. My profile speaks for itself so please take a look at my updated galleries, check my 100% positive feedbacks and field reports and see what they have to say about my looks and everything else in between.

Can I take you out for breakfast/lunch/dinner/drinks?

As long as you understand that my time and companionship are well paid for, then the answer is absolutely yes and I will love to socialize with you! Please check my "Different Strokes" tab for further information on lunch, dinner dates and other ways for us to mingle in a professional, yet still very fun and naughty, way.

Can I come over for 15 minutes/a quickie?

I provide a real no rush and good quality experience, so I am not interested in a 15 minute meeting. If you really want a quickie, feel free to leave before the minimum time (30 minutes), as long as you are fine with paying my full fee for that.

I only have XX (always an amount shorter than my original fee) in cash. Can I come over for a fun time with you anyways?

Simply no (and it is such a lack of respect even considering this). I do not go to your work and ask for a freebie or a bargain so please avoid putting yourself in such embarrasing situation, as this totally puts me off to meet you.

Thanks, but no thanks...

- “Do you see virgins?” (This usually sounds like a prank, but even if you are still honest on that, I am not the Escort for it); - “I am a photographer"... - “I am an influencer and will love to work with you” (Without showing any real evidence of his/her “influence” online); - “I want to confirm your services and fees” (please read my whole profile and FAQ for that, as everything is already covered, and updated, here).


London, City of London, United Kingdom
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